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Neck Lift in Boston, MA

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Bothered by a turkey neck

vertical neck bands on the sides of your neck, or excess fat in your neck?

Recapture your younger neck -- in an aesthetic surgery center that places the utmost importance on quality, safety, and service.

Neck lift surgery at Clareo Plastic Surgery has helped patients across Boston and surrounding areas achieve a more youthful appearance. The procedure is perfect for patients bothered by the appearance of their neck or a double chin.

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What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that addresses the signs of aging in the neck caused by excess and loose skin, separation of the neck muscle (called the platysma muscle) resulting in “neck bands”, and/or excess fat in the neck.

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Remove loose neck skin

Removing sagging neck skin, sometimes referred to as a turkey gobbler neck, provides a tightening effect that helps patients see a more contoured under-neck area, most dramatically noticed in profile view. Incisions concealed in front of the earlobe and behind the ear are used to treat excess skin of the neck.

Tighten loose neck muscles (vertical neck bands)

Vertical neck lines, known as bands, develop because the platysma muscle loses tone and separates in the middle of the neck between the chin and Adam’s apple. As neck skin thins and loses elasticity, the platysma bands can become more prominent. Through an incision under the chin, the platysma muscle is tightened with sutures and the bands treated; this is known as platysmaplasty. The platysmaplasty not only improves the front view but also the profile.

Neck fat reduction

A neck lift may also incorporate fat removal through liposuction or direct excision. Fat cells can accumulate under the chin due to genetics, aging, or weight gain. Removing excess fat gives the neck a more youthful and athletic appearance.

Traditional Neck Lift Vs. Mini Neck Lift Vs. Platysmaplasty Vs. Liposuction

A traditional neck lift typically refers to the operation that removes excess skin and fat and treats the muscle by platysmaplasty. The incisions needed are in front of the earlobe, behind the ear, and under the chin.

A mini neck lift generally refers to the procedure that removes skin through incisions in front of the earlobe and behind the ear with or without liposuction. Occasionally patients have neck bands, elastic skin with little excess skin, and little or no excess fat. These patients are often best treated with a platysmaplasty alone or a platysmaplasty with liposuction. Either of these operations is performed using an incision under the chin only. Some patients have excess fat, elastic skin, and no loosening of the neck muscle. These patients are candidates for liposuction alone to improve their neck contour. Boston neck lift surgeon Dr. Tantillo customizes the surgery to correct each patient’s cosmetic neck concerns.

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Combining a Neck Lift With Facial Procedures

A neck lift can also be combined with other procedures, most commonly a mid-face lift. A mid-facelift with a neck lift is commonly referred to as a full facelift.

The incisions of a mid-face lift start above the ear, curve along the front of the ear, behind the tragus, and end in front of the earlobe where the neck lift incision starts. Occasionally a full facelift is combined with a brow lift to lift drooping eyebrows.

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Who Is a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Anyone who is in good overall health and bothered by the signs of aging seen in the neck may be a candidate for a neck lift. The components of aging; skin, muscle, and fat; can be addressed individually and need not all be problematic for a patient to be a candidate for a neck lift.

  • Regain a more youthful, sculpted neck
  • Eliminate turkey gobbler loose skin
  • Eliminate a double chin
  • Remove vertical neck bands
  • Reduce sagging jowls
  • Tighten loose neck muscles caused by aging
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Neck Lift Recovery

A neck lift is usually a day surgical procedure; however, when performed as part of a facelift, patients may stay overnight in the surgery center after the procedure.

Swelling is normal after surgery and can be minimized by vigilantly applying ice or cool compresses to the face and neck for the first three days after surgery. The swelling will largely resolve over three to four weeks. Bruising can be seen after surgery and generally resolves over a few days. Pineapple and arnica can minimize bruising. Sutures will be removed approximately a week after surgery, and scars will improve over several months. At Clareo Plastic Surgery we strive to deliver the best neck lift Boston has to offer, but patients typically remain out of the public eye for ten to fourteen days and avoid strenuous activity for four weeks.

Neck Lift Aftercare

Compression garments help to optimize skin retraction while reducing swelling. A compression dressing is placed at the end of surgery and changed in the office to a compression garment to be worn for seven to ten days.

Our Boston neck lift patients are provided with Clareo Plastic Surgery's detailed instructions to prepare for surgery as well as aftercare instructions. Dr. Tantillo and the Clareo staff will be caring for you closely after surgery; Dr. Tantillo is available anytime should you have questions or concerns during your recovery. Clareo Plastic Surgery serves men and women in the Boston area, including Newton, Needham, Brookline, as well as throughout New England who seeks a more youthful appearing neck and jawline. Call (617) 505-6818 to schedule a neck lift consultation with Dr. Tantillo today to learn more.

Neck Lift FAQ

A neck lift rejuvenates the neck by surgically addressing the changes associated with aging: extra fat (double chin), hanging skin, and muscle banding (turkey gobbler); patients can have one, two, or all three of these issues. Your Clareo doctor will review options that are best for you.

Patients wear a compression garment around the clock for the first week after surgery, and then when they are home for the next two weeks. Patients typically return to non-strenuous work activities a week after surgery.

If you are bothered by a double chin, “turkey gobbler” neck, or loose neck skin, you may be a candidate for a neck lift. Your Clareo doctor will review your options with you during your consultation.

The scars are usually behind the ears, in front of the ear lobe, and often under the chin.

The cost of neck lift varies amongst patients. Reach out to our office for a consultation and a personal estimate for your procedure.

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