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Everything You Need to Know About BBL Facials Clareo Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Michael Tantillo

What is a BBL Photofacial, how is it different from IPL, and what do either of them do for my skin? Boston plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Tantillo, explains it all.

What is a BBL Facial?

The BBL Photofacial or BBL Facial, for short, uses high-intensity light to treat and correct various skin concerns. Specialized equipment is used to capture and filter a specific type of broadband light to focus it on your skin safely and effectively. This powerful rejuvenation method can offer life-changing results when performed by skilled professionals. This non-invasive procedure is incredibly versatile and can address almost everything from acne to aging.

What does a BBL Facial treat?

Skin care professionals consider this method a nearly universal treatment option due to the wide assortment of possible therapies. BBL Facials can treat acne, signs of aging, sun damage, dark spots, spider veins, loose skin, irregular skin texture, redness, and much more. BBL Facials, though typically performed on the face, can also be used to address skin concerns in other areas, including the neck, shoulders, and hands.

How does a BBL Facial work?

BBL is an abbreviation for BroadBand Light. BBL Facials are remarkable because the technology works by stimulating your skin cells to regenerate due to the heat absorbed. The equipment used in the procedure allows technicians to customize the wavelength of the light being used which is the reason why this skin rejuvenation option provides a long list of possible treatments.

What's the difference between BBL and IPL Photofacials?

The main difference between BBL and IPL is how the light is focused. IPL - intense pulsed light - is another non-invasive method for skin rejuvenation. IPL treatments are more fixed, meaning it's good if you're focusing on one simple skin issue. BBL allows for much more customization and improvement of overall skin quality and can be used to treat a larger area of skin. BBL Photofacials make a change at the molecular level and are considered the more sophisticated technology.

What are the risks of a BBL Photofacial?

The BBL Photofacial is safe, effective, and FDA-approved. Possible side effects are similar to many other laser facial treatments and may include swelling, redness, and flushing. If you have had side effects from other treatments in the past, you should let your dermatologist or other practitioner know so that they can decide on the best type of facial rejuvenation for you and your specific needs.

How do I prepare for a BBL Facial?

Most providers recommend using a high-quality SPF on the BBL Facial treatment area, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding retinoids and smoking for several weeks before the procedure. One of the most important things to do is avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Depending on your particular concerns, there may be other requirements, so you would want to discuss that with your provider before treatment.

What does a BBL Photofacial feel like?

Using a beam of light on your face, especially alongside terms like "high-intensity," can be intimidating. But most people only feel some mild discomfort. Once the treatment starts, you'll most likely feel a warming sensation, and possibly the feeling of pinching or a rubber band snapping. While there may be brief unpleasant irritation, this is confirmation that the light is doing its job, and your BBL Facial should provide fantastic results.

What happens after a BBL Facial?

Immediately after a session, your provider will use moisturizers and sunscreen to ensure your skin is fully protected and the results of your treatment will not be affected by sun exposure or other elements. Even with precautions, you will want again to avoid sun exposure for several days after a session. After a BBL Facial, your skin may feel slightly sensitive and appear pink as if it were mildly sunburned.

Compared to some other procedures, the great thing about BBL Photofacials is that concealer and foundation are safe to use if you'd prefer to hide that pinkness. Some other cosmetic procedures require weeks of downtime before the skin returns to a normal state. With BBL Photofacials, you may see full results and the absence of any side effects within just a few days.

How often should I get BBL Photofacials?

Multiple treatments are typically recommended for ideal results. Expect two to three appointments in most cases. A consultation with a reputable and trusted provider is the first step to determining a perfect treatment plan based on your specific complexion goals. The good news is that BBL Photofacials typically only take about 20-30 minutes, so they can be easily fit into even a busy schedule!

Is a BBL Photofacial right for me and my skin concerns?

Because of the unique ability to customize this treatment, BBL Facials can be the answer to so many skin rejuvenation needs! Considered both highly safe and effective, BBL Photofacials have become one of the most popular treatments for good reason! Most women and men who opt for this method are thrilled with the results. Booking a consultation with a respected skin care provider near you is the first step to restored, stunning skin, and if you are in the Boston area, our BBL Facial specialist, Boston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Tantillo, is ready to assist you! He's one of the best plastic surgeons Boston has!

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